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We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.

white bmw m 3 coupe on road during daytime
white bmw m 3 coupe on road during daytime

Your needs, our service.


IBC Car Rental oversees and thoughtfully selects its fleet, guaranteeing that we consistently provide the newest models across all vehicle classes for clients who are enthusiastic about renting and enjoying their time in Malaysia.


Appealing terms to assist you in acquiring the car of your dreams.


When you're in transit, it's crucial to have the assurance that capable individuals support you. Our chauffeur service is specifically crafted to offer you comfortable travel experiences from all airports in the Klang Valley, encompassing extended pickups and drop-offs chauffeuring you to your chosen destinations across Malaysia.


Subscribing is a fantastic method to experience a premium vehicle, allowing you to switch your vehicle without concerns about commitment, depreciation, or the extensive documentation typically associated with traditional hire purchase arrangements.


Although having a driver or bodyguard can serve as a status symbol, it is often essential for ensuring convenience and safeguarding executives and VIPs from unforeseen incidents. Having a highly-trained driver and bodyguard prioritizes the peace of mind associated with the focused attention on one's daily schedule and safety.

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